Empire State Building Meets Bellevue
Feel the Sunshine
December in Punta Cana
Layers of Love
Moving In
The Bronx
Moves Like Jagger
Purple Haze
50 Shades Of Green


Olga Tsarik AKA Olga Elkind is a Russian born artist who was raised in Europe and New York City.

She's a Licensed Masters Social Worker in both NY and NJ. Her work is a representation of the feelings that arise from the experiences she has with friends, family, patients, and the environment. Olga is married and lives with her husband in Bergen County, NJ.

Please check out her work below or her shows on the right.


April 13th 2013 (Saturday)

- Location: Macari Vineyards (150 Bergen Ave)
- Time: 12pm - 5pm
- Admission: Free


All my paintings come in series but they are just as beautiful individually on your wall.


I'd love to hear your feedback so shoot me a message! If you're interested in purchasing the art, please reference the work and I will get in touch with you.

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Guilt and remorse are wasted feelings. Grab a paint brush and have fun!

- Olga Tsarik Elkind

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